Who We Are

ProbeIndia, a self committed organization in the field of investigations and is well entrenched in the arena, providing desired quality service-which may precisely be termed to be the ‘Best’.We are a ‘One Stop Shop’ in the space of investigations/verifications-be it a private/individual related investigation or corporate related issues.

Recent News

ProbeIndia awarded for cracking the impossible by Kotak Life Insurance.

ProbeIndia awarded Hawk Eye Award and many more for his professional excellence in the field of Insurance and claims Investigations by ICICI Prudential.

Our History

The avalanche of present day global technological revolution coupled with socio-economic changes keeping pace, with nose-diving morality and ethos, the general environment across the world has become somewhat complex affecting lifestyle-be it an individual, a family or a group. The social service made our basic profession out of a determined and committed thinking of our mentor that do not even deviate when the question comes of financial burden due to social work.

The voyage was unanchored under the captaincy of Mr. Piyush Pandey and team ProbeIndia came into existence in April 2010 . Since then we at ProbeIndia are not just fighting the sea monsters to save the wealth of our associates during their journey in deep waters. The protection is never limited to detect the culprit after the damage has been done (claim has been made) but the protection is always extended to consult safe routes and thus avoiding any pirate in the way (pre-claim or even pre-proposal check ups).

We use various investigation tactics to reduce the cases of insurance claim frauds. We can help you gather the forensic evidence in several ways by locating the witness, finding cause of suspicious death claims. Providing a detailed report with the best in supporting documentation including photographic and videotape evidences. We have a separate team, specializing in handling insurance claims investigation that can help you identify fraudulent activities

Our Process

Our team of professional investigators works closely with the legal team and the claims department of the company with the only objective to protect it from insurance frauds. It operates as a Problem Shooter and delivers exactly what you require and that too within the prescribed period. While working hand-in-hand with our Clients, the Company assures complete confidentiality. It renders quality investigative services within specified period at reasonable charges. It maintains complete confidentiality in cases.

Wall Of Fame

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