We at ProbeIndia working as a family and team towards a common goal and dream to provide expert services to the corporate sector and hence excelling through hard work..

Recent News

ProbeIndia awarded for cracking the impossible by Kotak Life Insurance.

ProbeIndia awarded Hawk Eye Award and many more for his professional excellence in the field of Insurance and claims Investigations by ICICI Prudential.

Here in this sector we are excelling at much higher rate. We provide several out of the way and distinguished services.
We have a team of doctors for the particular profile on our panel to assess the treatments and also has some medical students who works as part time with us but shows more enthusiasm and normally works out with proper study required having much more time for us that professional doctors.
The field being too competitive we offer a series of services well customized already in the sector and Well managed. This is here to note that we provide well customized solutions for every case as per company’s requirement as it is in our faith that every case needs a different strike. Hence, we welcome every actionable while the case is being investigated as well as after that from the company in order to get the required result precisely in the form required.

Under the profound guidance of our mentor we are emerging and continuously rising in not our client base and profiles only but also in the group turnovers. We offer a single point solution in a number of services including a vast list of customized as well as well defined services.
In today’s world we are trying to spark tomorrow as we are looking at a sun that is rising with abundant success and brighter future. The sun is not illuminating the group only but to the society also and providing warmth to various other flowering giants. We are just trying to share some light as the fuel for our success. The group has successfully collected a revenue of over `2 million in the first financial year of its birth when it operated for just over 6 months only. The next financial year was the other mile stone with a total revenue collection of about `7 million. The legacy is here being created and thus required to be carried further, which is being done with complete dedication and commitment that resulted in a revenue collection of more that 10 million creating another landmark but it is just the dawn and the whole day is ahead of us.

This year we have started another branch as a software development section and it developed our own PICSA:
PICSA: (Español, ProbeIndia Case Solución de Actualización) can be comprehended as the ProbeIndia Solution for the case updates.
Here in order to bring constant real-time updates, ProbeIndia devised the tool to seed a new age of collaboration in the field. Aiding the commitment we present the tool with the help of Probe India Software Solutions that can provide constant updates of the real-time proceedings in every case and formulates a different and out of the way scenario to achieve the main goal i.e. to work as a team with all our associates and bridge every difference if any exists in any sense.

The services offered:

  • Insurance Investigations
  • Document collection
  • Document verifications
  • Discreet Checks
  • Income, Property or Wealth Verifications
  • Pre and Post Employee Verifications
  • Corporate Undercover
  • Risk Consultancy
  • Background Checks
  • Bank & corporate collections
  • Manpower outsourcing
  • Software development & RND
  • Data Entry
  • Proof reading
  • Data correction
  • Call Center for Sify Technologies Ltd (Internet Connection sales)
  • And many more customized solutions as per the needs

Wall Of Fame

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